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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different tabs on the personal dashboard ?

  • “mojo” : here you will find your active mojo (usually the last test you had unless you decide otherwise), history of all your tests, and your average mojo, which gives the results emanating from your test history.
  • “friends” : here you will find the social mojo of your friends and for each one, information about similarity rate and challenges of your interactions. Here you can also set your own social mojo, which means what your friends can see of your mojo.
  • “feedback” : the results of tests that others have filled imagining how you would respond and the average feedback. You can choose at any time what are the feedbacks that must be taken into account for your average feedback.
  • “opinion” : the results of the feedbacks that you have offered to others.
  • “delegations” : people to whom you have granted a delegation, ie the right to access the results of your mojo at the same level as you. Here you can at any time cancel a running delegation.
  • “coaching” : the people who have given you a delegation on their mojo, to use their results for a customized coaching or to activate the option for them.
  • “settings” : here you can adjust various settings for your mojo (public visibility, photograph overlay, user id, url of your avatar, …).

How to get a professional results level for a given mojo ?

On your personal dashboard, expand the mojo of your choice with the “Analyze” button. At the end of description you will find a button offering to see more thanks to This button takes you to the shopping cart for a option, and once validated, you’ll to have a much richer information in the details of the selected mojo.

What is the point of asking a mojo delegation ?

If you are a coach and want to use mojo for specific needs without taking advantage of the flexibility and benefits of a professional subscription, this mechanism will be very useful to see the details of your customer’s analysis of . Indeed, you can for example :

  1. Ask your client to take the test
  2. Ask him/her to give you a delegation
  3. PPay the option for his/her active mojo in his/her place (if you want to charge him/her with a all inclusive service including coaching and test) and have direct access to the professional dashboard results for this mojo.

How can I change my active mojo ?

On your personal dashboard, tab “mojo”, each of your history items is accompanied by an “Reactivate” button that can make this historic mojo your active mojo.

What are the friends on mojo ?

A friend is a person who has the right to see your social mojo, ie a level (fully customizable) of disclosure of your mojo that can be richer than your public mojo.

With a friend, you have the possibility to analyze your interaction through a similarity rate and a description of the challenges the meeting of your mojos involve. Indeed, mojo will not let a stranger access the characteristics of your interaction with him. This will require that you have consented to be friends.

What is the social mojo ?

Social mojo means a fully configurable level of visibility of your mojo, halfway between your public level, that anyone with your mojo identifier can ask (and you can go completely silent if you wish) and your private level only you and the people to whom you gave a delegation can see. Only persons appearing in the list of your friends can see your social mojo.

How does the friend request work ?

On your personal dashboard, tab “friends”, use the “Add Friend” button to send a friend request, knowing the email or mojo identifier of the target person.

From that moment this potential friend appears in the list of your friends with an hourglass while he receives an email inviting him to accept your request. When the request is accepted, the hourglass disappears and you have access to all the social interaction features with him.

How can I configure my average feedback ?

On your personal dashboard, tab “feedback”, your average feedback will be available when it takes into account at least 2 feedbacks, and will include all the feedbacks that do not have the symbol of a crossed circle (symbol of a ban parking). Each feedback has a button allowing you to “Include” or “Ignore” it.

What are the different ways of having a mojo test ?

On your initiative, you can use the “Have a test” button available throughout the site to access a comprehensive test. You can complete the test in one go, or save a draft and continue later. However, we believe it is better to complete the questionnaire in one session.

You can also give an opinion on the operation mode of another person through the test. For this, on your personal dashboard, “opinion” tab, use the “Give your opinion” button.

You can also receive solicitation emails that you drive you to particular test grids (professional request with delegation, 360 feedback, voucher, …) depending on the purpose of the test.

How can I simply use my mojo avatar on other websites ?

On your personal dashboard, “settings” tab, you will find a “sharing” field that will give you the URL of your public mojo and the code to be inserted on the choosen sites.

How to control what is shared ?

Your active mojo is only accessible to you. Any person to whom you give your mojo identifier can have a limited view of your active mojo, its public level. You can fully customize your public mojo to leave nothing to see at all or reveal the information of your choice. On your personal dashboard, “settings” tab, you will find all the settings to configure what you want to show with your “public mojo.

I wish the friend requests that are made to me to be accepted automatically

By default, you must explicitly approve each friend request. On your personal dashboard, “settings” tab, you will find a “friend requests” field that lets you change this setting.

I want to change my mojo user id

On your personal dashboard, “settings” tab, you will find an user id field that contains your current identifier and can be changed easily.

I want to add a picture of me on my mojo avatar

On your personal dashboard, “settings” tab, you will find a “image” section that allows you to upload an image of your choice that will appear on your mojo avatar, or choose to embed your Facebook profile photo if you logged in with Facebook. This is also where you can remove any image if you do want it anymore.

I do not wish my email known to mojo to be communicated with my mojo friends

On your personal dashboard, “settings” tab, you will find an “email address” field that lets you adjust this parameter.

I want to change the passcode allowing my friends to see my social mojo

This is a good way to ensure that people who have been a time in your friends list, and have had at that time access to your authentication code, can no longer view the data shared in your social mojo.

To do this, click the “Change the security code” at the bottom of your personal dashboard in the “security” section. You will receive an email asking you to finalize the code change process.

I cannot use my mojo personal dashboard anymore. An error message appears: "Unknown User" or "Incorrect User Password"

Your mojo personal data is secure ! In a so secured space that even the mojo website has no access to it by other means than by requests to the server filter, that ensures its answers are based on diffusion parameters which only you decide.

If exceptionally you encounter a problem of dialogue between the website and the secured area, which would be manifested by explicit error messages, everything would come back in order by clicking the “Resynchronize the security code” button at the bottom of your personal dashboard page, in the “security” section. You will receive an email asking you to complete the resynchronization process. As long as everything works correctly, there is no reason to use this feature.

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