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Enter the era of augmented human relationship

For each situation, Mojo offers a solution according to your needs.


Access the detailed characteristics and evolution of your personality, decode your interactions and discover how others perceive you.

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Discover how your customers deeply operate in order to assist them in a customized coaching.

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Better manage your teams taking advantage of an integrated dashboard for individual’s operating mode and collective dynamics.

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Get the ideal personality profile to integrate in a given team and visualize the most suitable candidate in a glance.

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Good reasons to use mojo


Built with the latest web standards, the mojo architecture allows you to enjoy its functionality anywhere at any time .


Do not let anyone else but you have hand on an essential health data. With mojo, you have full control over your personal data.


A proprietary algorithm to generate over 79×1027 distinct possibilities (79 followed by 27 zeros !). Each result is unique.


The quintessence of recognized and proven approaches for human knowledge : Enneagram, MBTI and Transactional Analysis.

Know thyself !

What about discovering something new about you today ?

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